Happy new year…

Gee, 2019 has started rolling and it’s 5th already!

I got heaps crafty ideas and projects in my mind but hasn’t done any of them!

Oh deer, reindeer… Don’t need to panic. There are 360 days more in 2019. bahahaha

This is “chirashi sushi” I made for girls’ new year lunch. Four friends and myself gathered with tonne of food on new year day.

Ate heaps yummy food, talked a lot and laughed sooooo much.

What a fantastic way to start a new year!

How do you do…

OK, this is my very first post…

Yep, a little bit nervous although it’s unnecessary. haha

I live with my partner, Puddy the tuxedo cat, Doofy the bunny rabbit, and Heidi the miniature lop ear bunny in Adelaide, South Australia.

Just wanna share crafty things I love, yummy food, cakes, cookies, beautiful things, fun moments, there might be even “oops moments” sometimes.

Anyway… I’ll see how it goes.