So if you have never heard or seen “gamaguchi”, you might think “Whatta heck is that?” haha

“Gamaguchi” is Japanese word and would be translated as “toad mouth” and is commonly called “kiss lock frame” in English.

“Toad mouth”… Sounds funny, huh?

Look at this photo of a gamaguchi.

It just looks like toad with his mouth wide open, doesn’t it?

There are wide range of size and design of gamaguchi frames.

Yes, they are not just funny looking ones but also really versatile and useful purses/handbags.

I started making “gamaguchi” as I love them so much.

Now I sell them on my Etsy shop.

I am very excited about it and working to smi crease number of items.

2019 is gonna be really exciting year!

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  1. gingerninjacrafts Avatar

    I had never heard of that, although I have seen these purses! Good luck with your etsy shop in 2019 🙂

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