Look at the Bright Side…

I knooow, staying under the “Lock Down” circumstances is so annoying and frustrating for everyone.


I tried to focus on finishing these coasters which I left unfinished for a while.

Yep, they look small, don’t they?

However making them is really fiddly job as I want to keep every single detail perfect as much as I can.

Ta Daaaaaaaa!!

Not too bad, hey?

Reckon I still need to make some more “Cherry Blossom Coaster”.

Latest additions…

Just finished making these cute little paws “gamaguchi” kiss lock clasp purses.

They’ll be perfect gift for “dog lover” or if you’re a dog lover, nice treat for yourself. Why not?

Blue and pink one is made of Japanese “kimono” inspired cotton and really gorgeous and beautiful.

Somehow I like dark colour one better as the paws clasp stands out because of its colour.

What do you think?

Final adjustments…

OK, this is the final one.

I adjusted size of inner bag a few times. So there’s not much “yucky” excess.

I am quite happy with the results.

Handle was made with the same fabric of outer bag. It’d be nice if it’s synthetic leather handle. But unfortunately I didn’t have similar beige colour stock.

Still good looking, isn’t it?

How do you think?

Ta daaaaaaa!!

Just finished new “gamaguchi” kiss lock frame handbag with cameo.

I made the handle with synthetic leather.

Not too bad, huh? 😁

This one is going to be mine as I want to use and see its strength for myself.

Almost there…

After five attempts of fiddling with new pattern and samples, finally I could make a few “gamaguchi” kiss lock frame bags.

Brown one’s finished with frame and drying glue. I haven’t decided about handles yet. Might make with synthetic leather.

Left hand side one is waiting for me to stitch edge and attach a frame. I adjusted size of inner bag to fit with outer bag a few times and it turned out to fit perfectly. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Can’t wait to complete making both of them tonight! Yey!! 😁

Fifth attempt…

Yep, this is my fifth attempt to make a pattern for new “gamaguchi” kiss lock frame bag.

I did compromise bag’s shape and prioritised practicality for giving 4 cm qusset to it.

Reckon I can give it a shot now.

Wish me luck, pleeeeeeeeaase!!

Pattern designing…

Designning a new pattern for “gamaguchi”…

I’m working on a process of making new “gamaguchi” kiss lock frame bag as I got pretty frames the other day.

Finished drawing pattern and reckon this would work.

Now it’s time for a “test drive”. Making a bag with simple calico then attach to the frame. See the results and if it doesn’t work need to back drawing pattern for some adjustments.

Fingers crossed! hahaha


Completed listing items on my Etsy shop…

Finally I posted all my “gamaguchi” kiss lock clasp purses and zipper pouches the other night.

These guys are some of them.

Gee, it took quite a few hours and made me feel exhausted. hahaha

I am still learning and taking tiny weenie baby steps everyday. I’m proud of it.

Yep, I have to admit it’s still little job satisfaction!

You can have a look my Etsy shop below.



So if you have never heard or seen “gamaguchi”, you might think “Whatta heck is that?” haha

“Gamaguchi” is Japanese word and would be translated as “toad mouth” and is commonly called “kiss lock frame” in English.

“Toad mouth”… Sounds funny, huh?

Look at this photo of a gamaguchi.

It just looks like toad with his mouth wide open, doesn’t it?

There are wide range of size and design of gamaguchi frames.

Yes, they are not just funny looking ones but also really versatile and useful purses/handbags.

I started making “gamaguchi” as I love them so much.

Now I sell them on my Etsy shop.

I am very excited about it and working to smi crease number of items.

2019 is gonna be really exciting year!